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Sligo Tribe 



Sligo Replenish Tribe leader, Bekkii Spain

In 2015 Bekkii didn't know what was happening when she felt her throat was closing over and she couldn't breathe. After being rushed to the hospital she was told that she was having a panic attack. After quickly deteriorating before being given a chance to see a counsellor she found herself admitted to St Columba's psychiatric hospital where she stayed for two months. She was terrified to leave.

During this time she was diagnosed with G.A.D (Generalised Anxiety Disorder). She eventually found the courage to fight back and began her recovery the day she left the hospital. 

Three years later she has started using her experience to empower others to act on their mental health. She has become a mental health advocate with Replenish. Her struggle has made her a warrior and now she gives strength to others who are experiencing the adverse effects of ill mental health.

Bekkii's work has even reached international news as she was featured on the Daily Mail discussing the benefits of C.B.D oil: 'CBD OIL'

Get in touch with Bekkii to find out more about the getting involved with the Sligo Tribe: or join the group here: Sligo Tribe 

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