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Dublin Tribe

Dublin Replenish Tribe leader, Laura Roddy

From an early age Laura began struggling with her Mental Health and as she got older things only got worse. In 2014 Laura admitted she had been struggling with self-harm and suicidal ideation and spent the following months in and out of different counselling services but nothing was helping.


It wasn’t until 2018 when Laura went to her GP regarding her ongoing struggles that she was sent to see a Psychiatrist where she was then diagnosed with Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and PTSD from childhood trauma.

Laura began her recovery from that day forward and with the help of counselling and medication she is transforming in to the person she always knew she could be.


Laura is now in the process of becoming a Mental Health Nurse as she wants to use her story to empower others to reach out for help and begin the road to recovery.


Get in touch with Laura to find out more about getting involved with the Dublin Tribe: or join the group here: Dublin Replenish Tribe

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