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Empowering and educating schools, workplaces and communities to develop strength and resilience against mental health difficulties in a

non-clinical, creative and safe way .


About Replenish

Replenish was founded by Caroline Mc Menamin, a mental health therapist with over 16 years training and volunteering work.

Caroline's experience living with her own mental health condition equips her with a personable, empathetic and non-clinical approach.

Replenish is designed to educate individuals, schools, workplaces and communities to act on their mental health through intervention from different fields of care.


Through workshops, events and creative projects, Replenish enables individuals to create and personalise their own management of their mental health with the aim of producing a sequence of therapeutic, holistic change.

This improves the quality of life and replenishes their way of living.





Replenish actively promotes social inclusion and anti-stigmatization of mental health illness through producing documentaries, online conversations and workshops which are available to book online now. 


Caroline is often invited to schools to speak about her own personal struggle with mental health issues and is working to incoporate the 'Replenish' programme and workshops into the students' school day. For further inquiries regarding school specific workshops,

please contact us.


Replenish also has a digital platform offering online programmes. This enables users to gain insight and understanding into mental health in their own time, pace and privacy. 



Replenish offers mulitiple workplace packages that aims to give an overview of the core components and practices that are pivotal to a healthy workplace.She is currently a co-founder of a new business that will launch in the next few months. 


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Limavady Workshop, June '18

"I loved the variety of content each week. It was amazing to hear and learn about new ways to help our mental health.I feel I was given back the power to help myself."

Derry Workshop, August 2018

"I've been through many forms of courses, counselling and therapies. By far, this has been the most beneficial and productive  for me. Many Thanks."

Limavady Workshop, June'18

"The Workshops are just getting better and better. I knew it would be a success after doing the pilot programme a few months ago.Keep doing what you are doing, Caroline and team."

Letterkenny Workshop, Feb '19

"I have really enjoyed the Replenish workshops and I've gained so much from them.I've learned so many practical skills, especially ones to help with my mood and thinking styles. You're amazning at what you do."

Derry Workshop, May '18

"I couldn't fault this programme. The 6 weeks went above and beyond my expectations. A refreshing concept, with a friendly and comfortable environment."

Sligo Workshop, May '19

"I really enjoyed learning about the thinking styles and the C.B.T model.I found that hearing other peoples' stories made me feel less alone. I've left feeling a sense of relief."



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